Saturday, May 17, 2008

Terms of Use

All the information presented here is copyrighted to me and can only be reproduced by mentioning and maintaining the name and the URL of the site specifically and clearly.

Interested in linking, quoting, reprinting, or reproducing articles from 'Geek Explains' either in part or in full? If yes, then please do read the Copyright & Fair Use Policy given below:

Copyright & Fair Use Policy of 'Geek Explains'

You are allowed to use only short excerpts (1-2 paragraphs) of the articles from 'Geek Explains' provided you clearly mention the name 'Geek Explains' and the full URL of the article you took the excerpt from. You must enclose the excerpts within quotation marks and mention the name and the full URL immediately before or after the quote.

If you want to use the entire article then you require my approval. Please email me at and use the article only after you get my permission.

Print media needs to print the name 'Geek Explains' and the full URL of the article(s).

Copyright Violation/Misuse

On discovering a website/blog using either the feeds or the articles from Geek Explains illegaly, a formal compplaint will be filed with their advertising partners and with their web hosting companies.


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