Sunday, June 1, 2008

General HR Interview Questions - Set #3

Sell yourself / Market yourself

It certainly depends upon the person/position, but the key here is to focus on what you have to excel in the position you applied for. You can obviously not market something convincing unless you show the positives and the relevance of the product to the prospective customers. If we take the example of a person applying for a design/development position then a sample answer might be "I'm a prospective technocrat, who is having the required skills and abilities to attain great success in the field of software design and development. Being an avid learner, I just need to get a suitable platform to showcase my talent in discovering, inventing, implementing, and learning new things on every possible opportunity I get or be able to create".

How can you assure, you'll have a long association? (OR won't leave us)

I guess the key here to be honest here. One may say this "Honestly speaking I don't think any one can assure you that. A long association is not something which is entirely dependent on me. It's the company as well which is equally responsible and if both me and the company will keep taking care of each others rational expectations, then I don't think I'll even think of moving from here. What I can assure you is that if I'll keep getting good working environment and competitive growth, hike, & recognition, then I'll try my level best not to disappoint my employer - not even slightly".

What will be an ideal job for you?

The position you applied for must be at least partially ideal, if not completely. In case the position is only partially ideal, you may go on mentioning the missing aspects of the position, which either you're not aware or currently not on offer with the position. But, don't forget to explain why you would be fit for those missing aspects and how you can excel if given an opportunity. You would probably like to use your skills, abilities, strengths, and attitude to justify your answer.


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