Saturday, June 28, 2008

Inserting AdSense Ads in Post Body, Sidebar, etc..

Inserting Google AdSense Ads in Post Body, Sidebar, Footer, etc.

Inserting Google AdSense Ads to Post Body

Find below few simple steps to insert Google AdSense Ads in the post body. You just need to parse your AdSense Ad code before inserting it into the template. If you don't have a HTML parser then use this Online HTML Parser.

Once you have got the parsed HTML AdSense Ad code, follow the below steps to find the particular places in the template code to insert your parsed Ad code:-

Not all of my Google AdSense are being displayed - why?

You would definitely be knowing that at the max you can have 3 content AdSense Ads and 3 link AdSense Ads being displayed on any web page. So, based on your configuration of the maximum number of posts being displayed on your home page, you may not see Google AdSense Ads embedded in all the displayed articles on the home page. Remember, post-body Ads normally take higher precedence than those configured to be shown in the Sidebar-region OR footer-region… probably because the page is rendered in that order – first header, then body and then sidebar/footer. Google AdSense Ads will of course be displayed in that order only and hence Header (I assume you’ve not added 3 content and/or 3 link Ads in this section itself) and Body Ads may cause Sidebar Ads NOT to be displayed for home page (or for any other page based on how many Ads have you added to these sections).

Adding Google AdSense Ads to Sidebar region OR Footer region

It's very easy. Just click 'Add a Page Element' in the respective regions and Select HTML/Javascript element. Put your Google AdSense Ad code in the body of the element. Save and you're done! You don't even need to parse your AdSense Ad code in this case as the element type allows you to have HTML and/or Javascript code.

Just click the link 'Add a Page Element' in the section you want your AdSense Ad to be displayed.

Adding Google AdSense Ads to the Header region

You may follow the same steps as you did for inserting AdSense Ads in the Post body. This time you need to locate the element which renders the Header (the way you located the element which renders body of the articles for inserting Ads to Body). I personally didn't like having any Header Ad for my existing template.


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